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10 tips for a hyggelig morning ritual

You're up late, you hit snooze one too many times, you're stressed getting ready, your mind is racing about everything you have to do and there's no time. You spill coffee on your shirt on the way to work, you forgot something important at home, your boss asked for those tps reports. The events of the morning, impact the rest of your day, for better or worse.

The morning can kick off the day right (or wrong), it's all about perspective. Here are a few hyggelig tips I try (my best) to practice to start out the day in the best possible way. These can be done in any order.

1. Prepare the night before: Pack your lunch, purse, bag, and set out your clothes. Setting out your clothes makes one less decision in the morning. It also prevents you from having to check your phone for the weather.

2. Set the alarm: 30 min early but make sure to get 8 hours of sleep. The 30 minutes is for you. It's your gift to yourself. More on this...

3. Wake up to a sunrise alarm clock. There are some really inexpensive ones on the market and a quick amazon click away. These help you wake up more naturally, by preparing the body's biorhythm to slowly wake up. It also fills the room with what feels like an early summer day, making it much easier to rise.

4. Hydrate: It's best to rehydrate as soon as you get up and a glass of hot water with lemon is the best. I could give you a million reasons why, excellent source of vitamin C, aids digestion, improves your skin, lessens dark circles under your eyes, to name a few.

5. Make your bed: (If this is an option) Only because it will prevent you from jumping back in. It's also a small task and thus easy to accomplish, leaving you feeling productive.

6. Don't touch that phone: Sleep with your phone in another room, maybe the bathroom, so you aren't tempted to check it first thing and if it's your alarm, it will force you to literally get up to turn it off. Try really hard not to start your day with the news, social media, or checking emails. You'll get an instant dose of reality and be sucked in quicker than you expect. It will suddenly set your agenda, steer your compass, pulling you into a time trap, with no end in sight.

7. Breathe: Take two minutes to pause and take note of your breath. Take slow and deep inhales and exhales through your nose to bring your mind stillness and clarity. Mediate if that's something you are open to, even if just for 5 minutes. It will help clear away the fog and help you focus on what matters the most to your day. To further awaken the mind and body you can do some more invigorating pranayama exercises as well.

8. Grateful exercise: This one only takes 1-2 minutes, tops! Think of three things you are grateful for, it can be something really big, or as simple as the smile on your face. But thinking positively can shift the brain's course for the rest of the day. It's too easy to fall into a negative trap, and suddenly how we look and feel is colored in failure or not good-enoughs. This exercise is too easy to not try, and really doesn't require any time at all.

9. Prioritize your list. Now that you have clarity on what's most important in life, you can start to plan out how that will play out in your day. Perhaps you will choose to be more present with your kids. Perhaps you will show more compassion to yourself in the mirror. Perhaps things that mattered yesterday, no longer play a role in today's events. Make a list (mentally if you like) of things you would like to accomplish and then prioritize them. Choose to do the first 3 most important ones first and forget the rest. Once you've tackled the 3, you can revisit the rest of the list. This helps me feel less overwhelmed.

10. Work out: If possible, schedule your workout first thing in the morning. It awakens the body and gets your metabolism going. It also helps you stay energized and feel sharp.


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