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9 Simple Ways to Up the Hygge in Your Home

I am thrilled to be guest author on StorieCollective's blog this week. We teamed up to offer our favorite tips to hygge up your home this season. As we prepare for the winter months ahead, it's important to embrace a hygge state of mind and set up your home with all the cozy feels. These are small touches you can make right away, but with lasting impacts. Check out both our blogs or for links to our own personal favorites and stay tuned for more exciting collaborations with StorieCollective this holiday season.

This winter may feel a bit colder and lonelier than most, without the typical holiday parties or family gatherings. Lower temperatures also mean less opportunities to potentially gather outdoors. And this is exactly why I recommend embracing all things "hygge", especially this year. Hygge, pronounced "hoo-gah" is a Danish word representing an atmosphere of warmth, wellbeing, and coziness; when you feel at peace, able to enjoy simple pleasures, and being in the moment.This state of mind is exactly why the Danes are rated the happiest people in the world. It touches upon all aspects of your mental as well as physical environment. I've teamed up with Sara from StorieCollective this week to round up some of our favorite ways to up the hygge in your home this season!

1. Lights: Set the mood with cozy twinkle lights, globe lights, and candles. Dimmer lights can set your body to a calmer state and their soft glow creates a visual warmth and ambiance throughout the space. You can use these tried and true favorite twinkle lights across your dining table, globe lights in your backyard, and candles on your mantle. With the sun setting sooner each day, give these a try and you'll instantly be happy you did.

2. Pillows: Create inviting little nooks with pillows, lots of pillows. Soften the corners by stacking different sized pillows on benches, sofas, chairs, or even the floor. We recommend sticking with natural fibers and neutral tones to give a simplified look and streamlined hygge feel. Next, settle in, read a book, sip some tea, or just perch by the window and take in the moment.

3. Throw blankets: My rule of thumb is a throw blanket in every room, makes the space feel lived in, but also comes in handy when you want to be intentionally present. Throws have many uses from keeping your feet warm at the foot of your bed, to wrapping yourself up on the porch with your cup of coffee in the morning. Our favorites are not only beautiful, but provide both texture and function to any room.

4. Rugs: Warm up the space with a rug for your feet. While rugs are a foundational element to any room, I often find myself adding mini rugs and sheepskin throughout my home during the colder months. It gives my feet a place to land and gives the room a cozier feel. Try placing a mini under the kitchen or bathroom sink, at the side of your bed, or by the hearth. They can also be layered against larger rugs or add the sheepskin to the back of a chair for some extra coziness.

5. Outdoor elements: Hygge is all about the contrast between the cold outdoors and warm interiors, and also how you engage with those natural elements. Bring the outdoors in with potted plants, natural elements, such as wood and clay, or even tree trimmings, to make yourself feel grounded.

6. Candlesticks: Simplify your tablescape by investing in handmade pieces that you can use for any occasion. These wooden candlesticks are just the trick to dress up or dress down your table decor; whether it's just for you or friends and family too (one day). They keep the hygge going strong even when candles are not lit.

7. Chemex: In order to feel the hygge, you need to slow down and appreciate every moment as it stands. This coffee pour-over promotes just that and starts your morning off right. It's sleek design also makes it beautiful to look at when not in use. Use it with unbleached square folded coffee filters and enjoy the brewing process.

8. Books: Stack beautiful books around the house for when you have a moment of down time. Surround yourself with ones that offer important lessons on slowing down, embracing the elements, and simplifying spaces. Our recommendations may help give that fresh perspective and a gentle reminder on how to appreciate all that you have in your home.

9. Loungewear: Hygge transcends across all the senses and weaves its cozy vibes through the smell of a candle, the glow and crackling of a fireplace, the taste of a warm beverage, and the softness and warmth of loungewear and blankets. We recommend loungewear that is breathable but warm, fitted but unrestrictive, and made of durable, yet soft fabric to round out these 9 tips!

Don't forget to head over to StorieCollective for a look at her cozy recommendations and take a peek at her design services. I'm also working with Sara right now on several of her stunning projects. StorieCollective is a design studio that curates home fixtures, furnishings, and decor to best reflect your story. We evaluate your goals and aesthetic to design creative solutions that elevate your space to like new status. By partnering with vendors whose values align with our own, we’ve taken the guesswork out of fair, sustainable sourcing. We service clients in Washington, DC + beyond.

Stay Calm and Hygge On


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