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DIY Easter Eggs

Rather than buying additional decor or pastel plastic eggs, this is a simple trick to use what you already have at home. It reminds you to get outdoors, connect with nature, and be patient with yourself. This is also a fun activity to do with your kiddos or by yourself!

Now that spring has officially begun, it's time to get our hygge on in a whole new way. Most associate hygge with the colder months but you can experience hygge moments throughout the entire year. Each season offers its own form of hygge and springtime is all about sunrises, rebirths, renewal, beautiful flora, bold bright colors, and the singsong of the birds. So here is a little activity to connect you to all those things!

This activity will give you a reason to enjoy nature, slow down, make something, and spend time with others. At its core, these are all hygge inspired and the same advise I would be giving you at the beginning of winter. The best way to enjoy the simple moments is to be present. When present, the moments find you.

  1. Nature walk: Go on a nature walk at any time of day, though I prefer first thing in the morning as the sun is rising. Collect flowers, petals, leaves, clovers...whatever will fit on an egg.

  2. Now peel off red or yellow onion skins and boil them in water for 10 minutes. You can use them alone of combine them to get different colors. No artificial color dyes here. This is all natural, all the time.

  3. While they are boiling, cut pantyhose or cheese cloth in 6" pieces. You just need something to hold the flora in place while the egg is boiling.

  4. Place the petals on the eggs (preferably white, but any color will do) and cover with the pantyhose and tie knots to hold in place.

  5. Only boil 1-2 eggs at a time for about 8-10 minutes each. Remember what I said about slowing down? Here it is.

  6. Remove the egg from the water and allow to cool. Once cool enough to touch, remove the pantyhose and pat dry with a paper towel.

  7. Style and eat that day or refrigerate and eat them within the week.


Stay Calm and Hygge On


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