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How to declutter your space, to declutter your mind

Ever notice how you feel just a little more anxious, stressed, or saddened when your place is a mess? Or how once you've let it go for too long, you are so less motivated to start and just feel overwhelmed? Alternatively, you may have noticed when your home it tidy and organized, you feel like motivated, happier, and like you can tackle any obstacle. It's no convenience. This is a thing. Feng shui philosophy will tell you that all your clutter is messing with the energy flow of the room. This study also found a link between clutter and procrastination. Not shocked. Lastly, the more you practice the art of letting go (literally speaking), the more you will realize you might have been holding on to something that was weighing you do, and the better and more prepared you'll feel moving into the new year.

We are down to just winter whites and twinkle lights after Christmas. As you are putting away all your holiday decor, we figured now would be a good time to clear out the clutter and feel good inside. Here are some strategies and tips to consider.

1. Make your bed: It might not seem like it's related but it definitely is! First, it's a small task and thus easy to accomplish, which helps when you feel overwhelmed and do not know where to start. Second it's a flat space that you can then dump things on to organize (like laundry), and third once it's accomplished, you instantly feel productive and way better. No matter how messy a bedroom may be, a tidy bed is the single most effective step to instantly feeling like it's is decluttered.

2. Tackle the closet: This might feel overwhelming, and may be best to start with just a dresser or just some shelves. But if you are up for it, go full Mari Kondo, and dump everything onto your newly made bed. Keep only those which you have actually worn in the past two years (be honest with yourself) and donate or toss the rest. Make a third pile as you sift through, a "not so sure" pile, so as not to delay the process. Revisit this third pile after you've finished and make a better informed decision based one what you've kept and what you've been able to let go of. Now put everything back! This is the fun part and this is also the time to make any major or minor organizational changes.

3. Sweep your home. Use the same strategy in tackling other rooms. Work yourself from one end to the other and do a quick grab of anything that is just collecting dust, a gift you were given that no longer holds any value, or something that accidentally got placed somewhere because it doesn't have a home. We hold on to things for many reasons, but there is only one reason to continue to hold on to it. You know what that is.

4. Bring out the baskets. Next bring out any and all baskets that you have, the decorative ones, the closet ones, the garage ones, the storage ones. Use them as storage solutions. Identify the clutter areas and assign a basket, tray, or bowl to them. Do shoes accumulate in the mudroom? Assign a basket or two under a bench to that. Does your kitchen island become the drop zone for all little knick knacks? Assign a tray or bowl to an entryway console table or a corner of a countertop to collect the keys and phones. Does the kids room look like a stuffed animal explosion, use a deep basket in a corner. See our stories for some suggestions. Use trunks or boxes as trunks for the larger items such as pillows and puzzles.

5. Storing vertically and horizontally. For anything that needs to be displayed all at once, it's time to get a drawer divider or a wall organizer that you can hand on the wall or the back of a door. When my kitchen counter crock was overflowing, l took out anything that was not a wooden spoon and placed in a drawer with the help of adjustable dividers. Similarly, a vertical organizer will hold things like scissors, brushes, cleaners, slippers, candles, napkins.... the possibilities are endless.

6. Add greenery: If it's feeling a bit empty or too minimalist, there is always room for greenery. Living greens with bring life and vitality to each room. See if you can assign one plant to each room, you can even add eucalyptus to your shower! Have you tried this yet? It's amazeballs.

The idea is to start fresh in the new year! There is no need to go into January with things weighing on your mind and weighing you down. A decluttered space will help clear your mind. The more peace and ease you can bring to you home, the more peaceful and simple your life will become.

Don't wait until spring. Happy new year!


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