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Hyggelig Gifts for the Home

Although a poll we ran, rated hygge gift ideas over intentional gift giving inspo, we wanted to give you a little of both. Intentional gift giving is about being conscious about what you give to someone else. It should demonstrate you gave it some thought and show you really care for the person. This can often be accomplished with giving an experience over a tangible gift.

As an exercise, I like to close my eyes for up to 2 min and envision the receiver of a gift in their happy place. How can I support that environment with an experience (tickets to a show) or with a tangible gift (a framed photo of a trip we took together). Whatever you decide, your heart will grow from just the experience of giving them the gift, and if you're lucky, being witness to their reaction. In the end, the gift itself is not as important as the thought and effort.

We've rounded out some hyggelig gifts for the home, to make it a place for others to gather, for you to feel cozy during the cold nights, and for very important self care. Hoping this takes some stress out of the shopping.

1. Hygge for the Home

Hygge is about relationships, and the more opportunities you have to be with close friends and family, the more opportunities for a hyggelig time, building memories, and cherishing traditions. Here are some hyggelig gifts for the kitchen at two different price points. A perfect gift for the hottest or perfect excuses to gather more often.

Kitchen Ideas:Serving Whale Spoons; White Mug; Candle Stick; Oblong Bowl; Smooth Round Bowl; Stonewear Berry Bowl; Nordic Mugs; Large Tote Basket; Round Cutting Board; Birch Mug

Price Conscious: Rustic Dough Bowl; Ceramic Vases; Small Cutting Board; Hot Pads; Black and White Mugs; Coffee Maker; Tossing Claws; Cookbook Stand; Round Tray;

2. Cozy Hyggelig Gifts:

Hygge is also about staying warm, comfy, and cozy. Sharing the hygge is all about sharing that cozy feeling. Here is some hyggelig gift inspiration at two different price points.

Cozy Ideas: Brown Sweater; Socks; Rubber Boots; Suede Boots, Knit Scarf and Hat; Cardigan; Everyday Throw

Price Conscious: Blanket; Muticolored Sweater; Socks; Cardigan; Brown Sweater; Slippers; Gloves; Sherpa Jacket

3. Hygge Gifts for Bed and Bath:

Hygge is also about self care; doing things that make your body and mind feel good. Here are some hyggelig gifts for the bedroom and bathroom at two different price points.

Bed & Bath Ideas: White Ceramic Vases; Blue Pillow; Cream Pillow; Basket; Glass Vase; Knit Blanket; Candles; White Garland; Spa Package; White Quilt

Price Conscious: Blanket; Basket with Handle; Beaded Basket; White Garland; White Canister (just sold out so have similar ones here); Bath Tray (hearth and hand sold out so have linked a similar one); Ratan Tray;

Knit Blanket; Pillow; Candles; soap

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