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Making an Orange Garland

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Why with oranges you ask? Many citrus fruits are in season during the winter, and because some do not do well in freezing conditions, they are harvested at the beginning of winter (a.k.a. NOW). So that's why you may be seeing tons of navel oranges, and clementines - with kiwifruits and kumquats coming later in the winter.

This is important because they are cheap this time of year, they make your home smell divine, and they are good for you. Side note: anything in season is good for you to have, for example, citrus fruits are jam packed with Vitamin C, and thus good to fend off the average cold.

The final benefits to an orange garland is the process is fun and its scent has been said to give off an anti-anxiety effect and thus is good to calm the body and mind and helps falling asleep.

In addition to making a garland, you can also use oranges as decorative pieces on gifts or use on table settings. I've included my favorite accounts below for inspiration.

1. Prep the scene

Enlist the little helper of yours and grab the following: oranges obvi (in any size, even use ones that are getting stiff and may have shrunken because they will give off a deeper or darker color), thread (a twine or yarn), knife and scissors to cut the fruit and thread respectively, a dehydrator or oven, paper towels, needle of sorts, and any final touches you might want to add to the garland (not required). And lastly get some Inso from the greats out there! I've included my favorite ladies below.

Countyroadliving: Angie's home is my absolute favorite account because she embraces simplicity and savors moments like none other. She actually posted her garland before anyone else, back in November and has inspired us all with both her seasonal and transitional decor.

Dr.ashelyturner: Ashley embodies slowing living and has amazing natural and homemade remedies. I look to her with all my questions.

The Merrythought: Caitlin and Manda are out to seek moments, which I love so much, and have a blog filled the great DIYs to make the season merrier (but not overwhelming).

Folkenrose: Abbi captures hygge moments better than anyone I know through her amazing photography and can instantly set the mood, with just one of her pictures.

Quietwilderness: Taryn is an artist at heart and so beautifully highlights nature in all that she does. I love her for that!

From top left to bottom right: @countyroadliving, @dr.ashleyturner, @themerrythought, @folkenrose, @quietwilderness, @mindthehygge

2. Cut the oranges

Cut them in 1/4" slices and then pat them dry with a paper towel to take some juice out, which makes the drying process faster.

3. Dry the Oranges

Place the oranges in a dehydrator and run it overnight or heat an oven to 225 degrees and place the oranges on a backing sheet and cook until they appear dry.

4. Assemble the Oranges

This is it. Use a yarn needle, or bobby pin if you don't have one, to pierce two holes in each orange. Threading the twine through, space out the oranges to the desired distance and leave a good amount of twine on either end.

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