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Springtime Mantel Styling

Springtime is all about rebirth and renewal and thus to have a hygge inspired home, is to embody those themes within your decor. While you want your home to contrast the elements during the coldest months, the rest of the year, you want your home to complement the outdoors and embrace what nature has to offer. This week, I'm reflecting this hygge inspired spring styling to my mantel.

As we have spent the majority of the last year in our homes, we have found new ways to enjoy our living space. Instead of entertaining, we have been enjoying our living room for game nights, sharing stories, reading, and relaxing. If you have a fireplace, whether faux or real, you mantel is most likely the focal point of the room.

Thus, my first spring refresh is going to be this focal point. Again, looking to the outdoors for inspiration, here are some suggested ways to bring a little spring hygge indoors.

  1. Greenery: Now that the flowers are budding and new growth is emerging, it's time to bring some life into your space. Bring in potted plants or faux plants for darker corner, so bring life and vitality. My favorite is to forage in the woods for a few branches with some life on them. Throw them in a glass vase and have them fill empty spaces, especially one above a mantel.

  2. Raw elements: instead of the warmer elements such as woods, look to cooler ones such as ceramics, metals, and stone for sprucing up your decor. Use vases, pots, bowls, art of differing shapes and sizes. Ideally you have 3-4 different heights on display.

  3. Light: With more sunlight we become less dependent on artificial lights, however, instead think of placing mirrors where possible to reflect natural light and open up the space. Many love putting a mirror above their mantel to make the room look twice as large.

  4. Minimalism: Go light on accessories and accessorize with light fabrics in mind. Replace heavy throws with lighter cottons and linens and replace darker pillows with lighter and brighter tones. Keep the decor simple and minimal to embody the bare beginnings of spring. Declutter your mantel from any trendy decor, and simply bring the outside in.

I did a few more steps to spruce up my fireplace for this season and to get ready for the rest of the year.

  1. Clean your fireplace: Either have this professionally done or simply sweep any dust and ashes from a well used fireplace.

  2. Repaint or rebuff: A good worn fireplace is going to leave some soot, ash, or yellow just above the opening. You may need to scrub the tile or marble, or in my case, repaint my plaster. However, my trick is to either dilute the paint with 50% water or apply some paint and then immediately wipe with a damp cloth. This makes it easier for the paint to spread across and adhere to the paster.

  3. Remove tools: Remove the fireplace tools, bucket, matches, kindling, or anything else you no longer need around. This helps declutter the space.

  4. Decorate: See above!


Stay Calm and Hygge On


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